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The Employee Activity Association was established to provide benefits for members to include:  Fitness Programs, Weight Watchers, Entertainment Tickets, Intramural Sports, Retail Stores, Special Order Program and Website.  The EAA is a non-profit corporation.

EAA is a voluntary membership program.  (Lifetime membership/$25.00) Headquarters Retail Store is open to members and non-members.  Store pricing is structured for both members and non-members.

Ticket Center provides discounted tickets to entertainment, sports, and amusement park venues  for members only.  They coordinate fitness and health programs at Headquarters and out-buildings.

The Mail Order Center services Agency retirees and current members.  Mail Order Center/Website (www.eaamoc.com) has been expanded to service all EAA members that would like to shop on-line.  This market is increasing and serves as a great tool to have member purchases mailed either to themselves or to someone else as a gift.  The Website also offers Ticket Center options as well.

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